• Identification

    Logan Christopher

    Logan ChristopherAfter growing up as a weak and scrawny kid, Logan Christopher gradually got into physical training. Today he is often referred to as a physical culture renaissance man for his wide-range efforts in fitness. His knowledge includes heavy lifting, hand balancing and gymnastics, kettlebell juggling and the performance of feats of strength. To add to this knowledge, his recent studies have included methods to unlock the power of the mind for strength using techniques from NLP, hypnosis and more.

    Although he is an avid kettlebell and bodyweight trainee, Logan uses a variety of tools to get the job done. These are just a handful of his best feats: Snatching a 53lb. kettlebell 301 times in 10 minutes, pulling an 8,800lb. antique fire-truck by his hair, performing 250 Hindu pushups in one set, holding a handstand for over a minute, and supporting over 500 lbs. in a wrestlers bridge.

    Logan currently runs a small gym located in Scotts Valley, California to teach personal clients. In addition he has several websites encompassing the aforementioned areas of physical culture: